Draghetto Fuchsia, Blanc, Bleu, Vert et Orange Vif Plust Jardinchic


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  • Draghetto Fuchsia, Blanc, Bleu, Vert et Orange Vif Plust Jardinchic
  • Draghetto avec Drago (vendu séparément) Plust Jardinchic
  • Collection Draghetto Plust Jardinchic
  • Draghetto Blanc, Vert et Vert Acide Plust Jardinchic
  • Dessin Technique Draghetto Plust Jardinchic


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Brand : Plust


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Draghetto home Plust

Decorative object designed for the outsider

Realized in polyethylene Matt or lacquered

Dimensions: L30cm x w 32cm x H52cm - weight 0.6 KG

Available in 13 different Matt colours: green, red, sky blue, bright orange, white, pastel orange, charcoal, blue, blue night, emerald green, fuchsia, green purple and acid

Ideal associated with Drago

With Draghetto, Alberto Ghirardello reinterpreted for the Italian brand Plust one of the most iconic and most fascinating of all time fiction characters: the dragon. With its contemporary design and its wide range of colours, this small deco object single releases fantasy and peps into any space inside or outside. Terrace, balcony, lawn or children's room, Draghetto will captivate young and old alike! Miniature version of Drago, Draghetto is still more deco at his side! Multiply the Draghetto, mix colors and sizes with Drago, and create a fantastic and fun universe in your space!

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