Braséro Montana CookKing Jardinchic

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  • Braséro Montana CookKing Jardinchic

Brasero Montana

Brand : CookKing

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Brasero Montana from CookKing

Swedish fire steel designed for outdoor use

Includes a log range under its fireplace - equipped of 2 handles for easy moving

Made in Poland

Black steel - steel 2mm thickness

Untreated steel against corrosion, the steel is covered naturally rust with moisture, this effect gives it its character design

Possibility to mitigate the appearance of rust by applying an oil or anti-rust product (product not supplied) soon

Available in 2 sizes:

-Montana 60 cm x H45cm - total width + / 68cm - weight +/-18KG

-Montana 80 cm x H45cm - total width + / 88cm - weight +/-25KG

Braséro Montana from CookKing is a Brazier in the modern look that will enhance your patio or garden.

It is not only the look of Montana Brazier which makes it so unique, but above all its functionality and quality.

Equipped with a range-logs under his home, Montana stands out for its original design.

This range of logs is doubly convenient: it can of course store a good amount of wood but also to protect the base of the Brazier of high temperatures.

Its 3 sturdy legs ensure stability that other low braziers of range do not have. The whole structure is stable because each element of the Brazier were welded to create a very solid product.

The two handles on each side of the Brazier to move it anywhere with ease.

Brasero Montana is in raw steel, its true color may slightly differ from the photographs.

It is natural for steel is covered with rust in contact moisture and water, this is his character design.

Montana is available in 2 sizes to adapt to any type of space and use.

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Brasero Montana 60cm

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Brasero Montana 80cm

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