Braséro Urban 550 Hotspot Jardinchic

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  • Braséro Urban 550 Hotspot Jardinchic

Brasero Urban 550

This product is no longer available, you can find a similar product in the category : fil d'ariane.

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Brasero URBAN 550 Hotspot
Brazier comes with a grill for use 2 in 1 (Brazier and BBQ)
Dimensions: O55cm x H50cm
Grille in chrome 2 parts
Spark arrester designed to avoid jets of Sparks on the lawn and terrace
Real source of heat and light designed for your patio and garden
Black steel tub
Stainless steel protection bar
Easy installation
Peer in 1860-1 and guaranteed 1 year

Brasero Urban 550 at Hotspot is a stylish and durable, Brazier with fireplace in steel, cover for protection against sparks and removable cooking grill.
Specially designed to receive small logs, this brasero will allow you to choose from, use heaters with joy to see dancing flames, or serve barbecue thanks to its removable cooking grill.
It will quickly become a fixture of your moments of relaxation with family or friends.
Brings a pleasant light and heat.
In 2 words: original and trendy!

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