Lampadaire Bonheur AlléeSerralunga JardinChic

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  • Lampadaire Bonheur Jardin Serralunga JardinChic
  • Lampadaire Bonheur AlléeSerralunga JardinChic
  • Lampadaire Bonheur Table Serralunga JardinChic
  • Lampadaire Bonheur  Terrasse Serralunga JardinChic
  • Lampadaire Bonheur Serralunga JardinChic
  • Lampadaire Bonheur Détorué Serralunga JardinChic
  • Lampadaire Bonheur Serralunga JardinChic

Floor Lamp Happiness

Brand : Serralunga


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Floor lamp happiness by Serralunga

Designed in LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) obtained by rotational moulding

Iron varnished to outdoor structure
Double wall. UV protection. 100% recyclable, dyed in the mass
High mechanical strength, impact-resistant, antifreeze
Dimensions: H180cm x o56cm

Weight: 16Kg

Black 2 m cable with connector bipolar antisplash Shuko - class I

Power supply 220-240V

Predisposed to receive flourescentes to low energy consumption light bulbs or bulbs LED RGB (PAS included)

Serralunga luminaires are intelligent and original.

The name of the lamppost happiness is not innocent: it will illuminate your life! It will be also perfect in a living room than on a terrace, along with a sofa, a swimming pool or deciduous trees.

With metal base painted and its diffuser in white polyethylene, it is graceful, design and by his presence.

Brother of light with the suspension happiness, they form together a concept up and down far down!

You choose the orientation of your happiness!

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