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  • Fontaine Zinc Ovale Domani JardinChic
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Fountain Zinc Oval

Brand : Domani


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Zinc oval fountain from Domani

Fountain designed for outdoor

Achieved 100% titanium zinc antigelif

Dimensions: O120cm x 90cm x H50cm - 130 L capacity - weight 55 KG
Supplied with a pump, OASE LIVING WATER Eco 3000 guarantee 3 years - work in closed water circuit
Power supply IP45 - 220 V - 10 metres of cable
Fountain composed of 2 distinct parts:

-bac in zinc double wall

-top cover in reinforced zinc (possibility to raise the cover to clean the inside of the fountain)

Possibility of dimensions custom made, contact us


Fill the fountain with distilled water or rain water. If you fill it with water from the tap, then from time to time out the fountain pump and place it in a bucket of fresh water with a little vinegar.
In winter, it is better get out the pump and store it in a bucket of water put out gel (although she resists freezing). Be sure well that the shooting will never be under water.

Domani uses of titanium and zinc plates welded to the Tin. Zinc contains 4% silver, which makes it extremely durable

To contact water, moisture and air, zinc oxidizes naturally. First, a white to protect powder, and then a light gray patina zinc created appears.  After the oxidation process completed, the aspect of the material is final. This patina is the aesthetic character of the material zinc.

Our recommendations for a uniform patina: take a water hose, water fountain, let dry for an hour, and repeat the process three to four times.

La  Fountain Zinc oval in Domani is part of the sublime range of fountains in the Belgian brand zinc. Domani offers a collection of , outdoor fountains , made of extremely durable antigelif 100% titanium zinc. The Zinc oval fountain has a genuine and noble style ideal for a contemporary zen space. Powered water circuit closed, the fountains Domani consist of a tray in zinc double wall and a top cover in reinforced zinc. The fountain is a key element in a landscaping, it allows to create a corner of serenity and charm in an outdoor space. Domani also offers Zinc round fountaina Fountain Zinc cubic and a Fountain/pool mirror Zinc.

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