Serfouette de Jardin à main Sneeboer Jardinchic

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  • Serfouette de Jardin à main Sneeboer Jardinchic
  • Détail tête Serfouette de Jardin à main Sneeboer Jardinchic
  • Serfouette de Jardin à main Sneeboer Jardinchic

Garden Cultivator

Brand : Sneeboer

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Garden cultivator from Sneeboer

Gardening in stainless steel and cherry wood accessory

Hand tool for digging and weeding
Dimensions: Length of head 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm head width

Total length 34cm - weight 0.30 kg

The cultivator from Sneeboer garden is a unique gardening tool. Each tool made by Sneeboer Dutch workshop is designed with special attention in an objective of quality and durability. This hand tool allows you to work the land in a more precise manner, its pile can be used to break compact or stony soils as well as Sunrise of stones and small Cobbles. Its fork is quite versatile, to till the ground, mark small drill holes that work in small areas between plants.
Sneeboer perpetuates his craftsmanship since 1913 in the manufacture of garden tools and produces a wide range of tools combining stainless steel and wood quality.
Steel brushed and polished by hand gives the tool a high resistance from oxidize and ease of maintenance! Indeed, the earth does not adhere to the tool and you don't have to clean it. Strong and noble, cherry wood marries perfectly with the steel of the cultivator.
Amazing by their solidity and their quality, Garden Sneeboer tools keep their shape, do not twist or break under the force.
Forged by hand and perfectly sharpened, this quality product allows a good grip in hand, from which use practical and ergonomic.
This tool proves to be a real gem for fans of gardening, a tool for life, to be transmitted from generation to generation!

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Garden Cultivator

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