Jardinière Twista Piscine Eternit JardinChic

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  • Jardinière Twista Piscine Eternit JardinChic
  • Jardinière Twista Eternit JardinChic
  • Jardinière Twista Allée Eternit JardinChic
  • Jardinière Twista Anthracite  Eternit JardinChic
  • Jardinière Twista Gris clair Eternit JardinChic
  • Jardinière Twista Détouré Eternit JardinChic

Jardiniere Twista

Brand : Eternit

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275 €

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Gardener Twista at Eternit
Jardiniere in fibre-cement (consisting of cement, limestone flour, fibers, air and water)
Fibre-cement fully tinted in the mass, the color can therefore neither Flake nor diminish
Hand molded certified jardiniere and manufactured in Switzerland
Frost-resistant provided that excess water can drip through the holes located at the bottom of the tank (otherwise water burst the tray by freezing)
Jardiniere warranty 3 years on frost resistance
Jardiniere pre-drilled for evacuation of water

Available in 2 sizes:
Long 60 x width 30 x H 60 cm (capacity: 85L)
Long 60 x width 60 x H 60 cm (capacity: 170L)

Available in anthracite and grey colors
Available also on request in RAL colours: beige (1001), orange (1006), red (3001), Plum (3004), Lilac Blue (4005), fuschia (4006), blue (5010), pastel blue (5024), green (6017), hazelnut Brown (8011) and white (9001)

The Gardener Twista from Eternit is a garden created by designer Martin Mostböck with a large capacity and a design worked.
Twista offers a great freedom of configurations thanks to the slight twist of their front walls and rear.
His aesthetic says even more when the Jardinieretwista is used in series: side by side, these pots sublimate your decoration.
Outdoor or indoor, in anthracite or grey light, close or less close, Twista adapts to your tastes and your space.
Classical, sober and chic, one understands why this Garden received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2006 and Focus Energy Silber!

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Jardiniere Twista 30 Light Grey

Availability: 4 semaines

Price: 275 €
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Jardiniere Twista 30 Anthracite

Availability: 4 semaines

Price: 389 €
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Jardiniere Twista 60 Grey

Availability: 4 semaines

Price: 379 €
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Jardiniere Twista 60 Anthracite

Availability: 3 weeks

Price: 479 €
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