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Lampe The.Lampion 50 Nikki.Amsterdam Jardinchic

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  • Lampe The.Lampion 50 Nikki.Amsterdam Jardinchic
  • Lampe The.Lampion 50 Nikki.Amsterdam Jardinchic
  • Lampe The.Lampion 50 Off Nikki.Amsterdam Jardinchic
  • Lampe The.Lampion Détail Poignée Cuir Brésilien Nikki.Amsterdam Jardinchic
  • Lampe The.Lampion Speaker Nikki.Amsterdam Jardinchic
  • Lampes The.Lampion Détail Nikki.Amsterdam Jardinchic
  • Lampe The.Lampion Nikki.Amsterdam Jardinchic
  • Schéma Lampe The.Lampion Nikki.Amsterdam Jardinchic

Lampe The.Lampion 50


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Lamp The.Lampion at Nikki.Amsterdam

Wireless on battery lamp LED to soft lighting on battery

Portable to carry around lamp (is used outdoors, it is recommended to her back after use and put it out of the rain and snow)

Lamp produced in polyethylene - top border brushed 0.8 mm aluminium

Available in 3 sizes:

-The.Lampion 35: 25cm x 25cm x H39, 5cm - weight: 1.45 KG-4 c, 5W - 200mAh battery - technology LED 10pcs speaker, 1, 5W

-The.Lampion 50: 32cm x 32.5 cm x H55cm - weight: 4.1 KG - 4 c speaker, 8W - battery 4400mAh - technology LED 10pcs, 2W

-The.Lampion 65: 41cm x 41cm x H68, 5cm - weight: 4.1 KG - 4 c speaker, 10W - battery 4400mAh - technology LED 20pcs, 3, 2W

Provided with a handle (handle) Brazilian leather of superior quality stamped on behalf of Nikki.Amsterdam

Equipped with a speaker amplifier - adapter 4.2V DC 1 has

Built-in rechargeable battery: 5 hours of battery life (music + light) or 12 hours of light only

Input 110/220V, output 4.2V

Lamp with container for multiple uses:

-bucket bottles (12 cm in diameter for The.Lampion 35 / 15 diameter for The.Lampion 50 cm / 20 cm diameter for The.Lampion 60)

-General use

-storage for accessories/clothing

-storage for umbrella

cache-pot/flower vase


"Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume with moderation"

The Lamp The.Lampion of Nikki.Amsterdam is a lamp wireless Nomad multi-function. Not only The.Lampion is a ultra light, but in addition, it offers 3 functions all in one: speaker, lamp battery and cooler of drinks. Thanks to its container, she welcomes your bottles to cool them off or so your accessories, magazines, books, umbrellas, and even flowers!

Thanks to its built-in amplifier speaker, she becomes pregnant for your smartphone. Simply connect your Bluetooth on "Nikki.Amsterdam" and read your favorite playlist to create a musical atmosphere during your evenings outdoors. You then check the level of your music via your smartphone.

The.Lampion runs on rechargeable battery, it will provide 5 hours of battery life if you listen to music and light up the space at the same time, and up to 12 H if you use only the light option.

Available in 3 sizes (35/50/65), The.Lampion fits your space and your needs. Thanks to its stamped handle Brazilian leather of high quality on behalf of Nikki.Amsterdam, The.Lampion carries absolutely everywhere: in the garden, in a park, by your pool, at the beach, on your terrace, your kitchen or still on a boat.

4 feet allow him to ask in all stability on the floor or on a table.

The.Lampion can be used outdoors, but it's best to go your lamp once you no longer use (put out the rain and snow).

About the Bluetooth connection, 3 votives can be controlled on a same smartphone / Tablet but by spreading content lampion by lantern, the simultaneous connection is not provided.

" " Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume with moderation"

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