Portable Remote Control For Heating Heatstrip JardinChic

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  • Portable remote control for heating Heatstrip JardinChic

Portable Remote Control For Heating Heatscope Zero

Brand : Heatstrip


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Portable heating Heatstrip remote HeatstripTM
Portable remote control of remote temperature control
Size: 15.5 cm x 5cm x H 5 cm
4 switches for maximum control of 4 different radiators or groups of radiators (maxi 27 radiators by group)
Remote working without batteries
Radio receiver essential for remote control

The Remote control wall for heating Heatstrip of HeatstripTM is a smart to adjust the temperature of the Heating Radiant Heatstrip. Integrating 4 buttons, this portable remote control 4 different radiant or groups of radiant (up to 27 radiant by group) and so to be able to vary their temperature to perfection. Based on the innovative EnOcean radio technology, this remote does not require neither battery nor cable, it can be used without any maintenance.

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