Bougie d'Extérieur Cylindrique Ecru Decoragloba Jardinchic

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  • Bougie d'Extérieur Cylindrique Ecru Decoragloba Jardinchic
  • Détail Bougie d'Extérieur Cylindrique Ecru Decoragloba Jardinchic
  • Bougie d'Extérieur Cylindrique Ecru et Bougies d'Extérieur Rondes Ecru (vendues séparément) Decoragloba Jardinchic
  • Schéma Dimensions Bougie d'Extérieur Cylindrique Ecru Decoragloba Jardinchic

Spark Plug Cylindrical Outside Ecru

Brand : Decoragloba


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Candle outdoor cylindrical Ecru from Decoragloba

Candle designed for outdoor

Attention: do not use outside then inside - the wick can cause some black smoke because of the atmospheric phenomena (point emissions), it is not advisable to use the candle inside

Material: paraffin

Outside Wick: 100% cotton unleaded (coming from Germany) - Wick thick and resistant to the wind and the rain (turn off and get the plug in case of heavy weather)

Color: off-white

Dimensions: O15cm x H10cm - weight: 1,2 Kg

25 hours of combustion - Combustion more irregular than an interior lash: depending on the wind and the rain

The Candle of outside cylindrical Ecru from Decoragloba is a outdoor candle ideal to decorate a garden decoration, a balcony or a terrace. This candle moved outdoors thanks to its thick Wick wind and rain resistant. Once installed on a garden table, a windowsill or a side table, this candle created a very special atmosphere. Nothing like a flame to spread a warm and elegant atmosphere in a space. It is not recommended to use this candle outdoors and indoors. The wick of the candle of the outside cylindrical Ecru is adapted to weather conditions and can emit black smoke from time to time depending on the weather. This fears nothing outside but can be disturbing indoors. And for an even more elegant rendering, feel free to mix the different forms of candles outside with the Candle of outside square Ecru, the Candle of outside round Ecru or even the Candle of outside floating UFO Ecru to decorate a pool.

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