Lamp Mosquito Inaday's

Lamp Mosquito Inaday's

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Lamp mosquito Inaday's home Inaday's
Photocatalytic lamp cable

Dimensions: W21.5 x width 21.5 x H31.5 cm - weight: 1.2 kg

Indoor and outdoor use (attention: under shelter, balcony or terrace sheltered from rain and Sun - more effective indoors)

Hover control (equipped with a sensitive on/off switch with three positions: off position / light green = off after 12 hours of operation / orange = light work permanent)

Fan integrated silent high-speed aspire mosquitoes with an imitation of the human body system by producing heat, CO2 and moisture

Mosquitoes are caught in the trap through the openings and die of dehydration

12V mains (230V-12V adapter) Timer power 5.2W power supply

UVA UVB CCFL lamp (long duration: 180000 hours)

Blue color

The lamp mosquito Inaday's of at Inaday's is a mosquito trap design and innovative.
This ingenious device comes imitate human respiration to attract and catch mosquitoes. This mosquito trap produces heat, CO2 and moisture. Its fan then aspire attracted mosquitoes and captures until they die of dehydration. The lamp Inaday's will become your best ally against pests. Deco object full-fledged, Inaday's uses in interior spaces to hunt mosquitoes. It can be used outdoors but under shelter (away from the Sun and rain, on balconies or terraces covered).

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